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From "Walk In Dry Places,"  January 2.

Other Excesses.  A binge is a chain reaction that starts with one drink.  After a grim period of enforced abstinence, that first drink may have brought us intense emotional release and a peak feeling of euphoria.  For the rest of the binge, there was a continuing delusion that the next drink would help us recapture that peak experience.

Delusion leads to other excesses.  Some alcoholics also binge on smoking, food, sex, and power and recognition.  In this frantic seeking, our basic delusion is that substances and things can satisfy what is really a spiritual need.  Instead of realizing that there is a law of diminishing returns in the enjoyment of such things, we cling to the delusion that "just one more" will bring the relief and satisfaction we want.

Delusions brought disillusionment, and only the truth set us free from alcohol.  Other excesses may not hurt us to the extent alcohol did, but the excesses of our drinking years carry lessons that are equally applicable to other human problems.


I will carry out the day's activities knowing that I already have
enough of everything I need for this day alone.

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